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We need a new conversation. Covid-19 has further exposed us to more pressure on all fronts. Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) has dropped, Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is bleeding.

You can’t give more than you have, we have a huge burden. We told labor what we had. They know. They also know it was not enough to pay salaries. Yes. It is quite important to pay salaries, that is why we are discussing with labor leaders. They understand and we are confident we will eke out a compromise at the end of the day. We will never take the civil servants for granted.

The new conversation of a patriotic class should be how we can also serve our population of over 90% that are not civil servants. Yes, salaries to civil servants lubricate businesses, but there are some who never exchange that handshake.

How do we take care of them?

Aren’t they Kogites too?

Is the commonwealth not theirs too?

Are they less Kogite than the Civil Servants? We need a new conversation.

We need to see beyond hate and desperation for criticism. We need to look at things rationally and profer solutions.
If you get ₦2bn and you use all of it to pay civil servants, neglecting the farmers and the artisans, then we are breeding economic war heads. It will explode and no one will be safe.

We must find a balance, and quickly too. Nobody will tell us. We have to tell ourselves. We are the Government, all of us: the officials and the people. All of us must begin to communicate truth to ourselves and stop being sentimental. Who speaks for the farmers who need support in this their season? Who speaks for the artisans who have been affected by the outbreak of an ill-fated virus?

No society has ever grown by using all of its revenue to pay wages to civil servants. We must begin to take conscious steps to spark productivity and production. We must produce our way out of the economic shambles foisted on us by this pandemic. The moment of truth is now.

Check what other states are paying. Don’t lie just because you must condemn Kogi State. Everyone is affected, including Political/Public Office Holders (POHs). We are all in it together to make sacrifices. It is a reality that has happened to us.

I commend the labour union for believing in the system. We have been engaging them and they have always shown that they are a part of the larger Kogi project. We will never take their understanding for granted.

  • Kingsley Fanwo,
    Commissioner for Information and Communication, Kogi State.

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