Re; Yagba East Chairmanship, Makutu Community Cries Out To Gov. Bello, Alleges Asiwaju Idris Ashiru Of Marginalization

The attention of the media office of Hon Abdulrazaq Ashiru, the immediate past caretaker chairman of Yagba east local government has been drawn to the above epistle credited to makutu community.

In an attempt to slander the reputation of commissioner of Finance, Hon Asiwaju Idris Ashiru, the statement alleged that Hon Idris Ashiru is intend to marginalize Makutu community.

This statement is not only embarrassing but it is capable of tainting the good image of a leader who has put in all his best to ensure that everybody is carried along in the government of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Hon Abulrazaq Ashiru is a leader whose penchant for community development has earned him a successful tenure as the immediate past caretaker chairman of Yagba east local government, he recorded an unprecedented achievements while in office, this has made the good people of yagba east to clamour for his return as the next council chairman of the local government.

Aside the humility displayed while in office, Hon Abdulrazaq has made the people of yagba east to understand what good governance is all about through prioritizing the welfare of the people and delivery of dividends of democracy.

For the records, upon the creation of Kogi State and yagba east local government, below is the chronicle of Yagba east local government Chairmanship.

–Late Hon. Alfred Adeyemi Dec. 1991 – Nov. 1993 (Elected) Oke-meta Axis, Isanlu.

–Hon. J. S Barnabas April 1996 – March 1997. (Elected) Makutu Axis, Isanlu.

–Hon.Hassan Salau March 1997 – July 1998 (Elected) Southeast Axis.

–Hon. Ekundayo Balogun June 1999 – June 2002 (Elected) Makutu Axis, Isanlu.

–Hon. Ganiyu Salaudeen April. 2003 – Dec. 2006 (Elected) Southeast Axis.

–Hon. Victor Kayode OBARO July 2008 – July 2011 (Elected) Makutu Axis, Isanlu.

–Hon. F. G Ibrahim May. 2013 – Dec. 2014 (Elected) Southeast Axis.

Hon. F. G Ibrahim Asuri Feb. 2016 – May 2016 “Returned” for tenure completion, (Elected) Southeast Axis.

From the table shown above, it is clear that Makutu Axis of Isanlu had produced three elected chairmen while Oke – meta Axis had only produced one chairman. It should be noted that the zoning formular is not applicable to ward by ward; it is also worthy to note that the failure of an axis to adopt micro zoning within itself does not and should not affect other axis, it is therefore absurd and unreasonable for a ward in Makutu community to be crying of marginalization when it is generally known that it is the turn of Oke – Meta axis to produce the next chairman.

Makutu Axis had also enjoyed juicy positions in the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello which includes the New Director Of Local Government (DLG), Commissioner Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Hon Elder Ayo Pemi, Director Of Finance, Kogi State Internal Revenue Services, Mr Olubunmi Ajayi, immediate past Special Adviser to Gov. Bello on Sanitation And Emergency, Hon Shola Joshua, the Executive Secretary Yagba East Local government Education Authority, Hon Amos Balogun among others.

It is so suprising seeing some people trying to bring the good work of Hon Abdulrazaq Ashiru to an end in a bid to pursue their illogical and selfish ambition. It is not therefore out of place to ask where are these people when APC as a party had not gathered momentum in Yagba east? What is their contribution to the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello? And what’s their scorecards in the last governorship election that gave them the temerity to talk down of an achiever?

Yagba East local government is a cradle of rotational arrangement, we take the arrangement paramount in the sense that when it is the turn for Makutu Axis to produce the council chairman, nobody will contest from other axis. We are now worried that some set of people are on a mission to destabilize what has united us together as a people.

It is generally known that there is no limit to what a man can achieve, Hon Abdulrazaq having performed creditably well as the caretaker chairman stands a chance of doing more for his people.

Hon Abdulrazaq has the potential of becoming a political sycamore if his ambition is not truncated by the cry of those whose mission is to enrich their pockets through public funds.

We wish to caution those who are sent to destroy our mutual agreement cum rotational arrangement to desist from venturing into what will cause crisis in the local government.

We want to appreciate his Excellency,Governor Yahaya Bello for catapulting the leadership prowess built in Hon Abdulrazaq to serve his people at the local level, we want to urge the governor not to listen to those who hitherto does not believe in his government as we believe that Hon Abdulrazaq is capable of delivering more for the people of yagba east.

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