In West Africa Nigeria we have 250 ethnic groups and Ebira is one of them.
The “Ebira” ethnic group is usually found mostly in Kogi State. People who have been in Nigeria before and travel by road from Lagos to Abuja will know exactly where I’m describing because it is located at the centre of the state. Ebira means “behavior’. Ebira people are accommodating, peaceful, loving and hardworking.



They have this customary food called “apapa” that is mostly loved by everyone in Ebira land and its highly celebrated by Ebira people. Apapa looks like moi-moi but the color is different and very rich in protein than moi-moi. Also, the coat of the beans is not removed when picking. image12.jpg

Features/ingredients of Apapa:
 Beans – 3 cups or more depending on the quantity you wish to consume.
 Palm oil, 1 – 3 cooking spoons
 Seasoning cubes – 2 cubes
 Onion – 1 or 2 (depending on the size)
 Grounded crayfish – 1 tea spoon,
 Pepper 4 – 6(depending on the size)
 Salt to taste

Steps in preparing Apapa
 Get the Uma leaf/moi-moi wrap.
 Pick the beans and wash, then soak in water for at least 10 – 15 minutes to make it soft.
 Blend the beans together with onion and pepper.
 Pour the blended beans into a bowl and add salt with seasonings then mix together.
 Add your palm oil( preferable, you can heat the palm oil little before adding to the blended beans)
 Add your Cray fish, mix and add water bit by bit till your standard consistency.
 Scoop the mixture into the uma leaf or moi-moi wrap. Some people use leather but I won’t advise you use that, because it might get burst if overheat. Uma leaf is regarded as the best because it is a traditional food and we need to go in traditional way and uma leaf gives a good flavor to the food. But make sure you wash the leaf thoroughly before use, because of the particles in it. Carefully place the wraps in the boil water, on top of the base make sure the water in the pot is not much when cooking but add water bit by bit until it is ready to consume.

Celebrating Apapa day





Apapa can be eating alone, consume with pap/custard or garri.
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