2019 Scorecard Of Elder Leke Abejide, Member Representing Yagba Federal Constituency

Leaders are given power not to advance their own purpose, not to make a great show in the world, nor to a name, there is but just use of power, and it is to serve people.

Hon Asiwaju Leke Abejide began his legislative assignments on June, 2019. Since then he has been working tirelessly in making life meaningful for the good people of Yagba federal constituency and kogi state as a whole.

This does not means that, the living legend has not been doing well for his constituency even before he was elected as member federal house of representatives. For instance, he paid WAEC fees across Yagba federal constituency, various welfare services, widows empowerment scheme, provided employment opportunities for over 200 youths across okunland in his personal company.(Abyem. Int’l LTD), notable among his achievements, he single-handedly built a befitting police station in Alu town, to mention but a few.

Since he assumed the office in the green chamber as Honourable member representing Yagba federal constituency and deputy chairman custom and excise duties committee, Hon Leke Abejide is performing his legislative functions effectively.

He has sponsored bills and motions in the green chamber.

He has been doing alot for his constituents, top on the agenda is Education; which he continues the promise he made in his campaign manifesto that he will pay the WAEC fees for students both public and private secondary schools in Yagba federal constituency not minding their state of origin. Which he has started the good work.

The grading and sandfilling of Iyamoye Igbagun road, Alu Igboero road, Alu, ponyan, ejuku takete road is in progress. This is a palliative measures put in place by Hon. Leke Abejide to cushion the effects of bad road on the life of motorists.

Also, Hon Leke is sinking motorized boreholes in some strategic communities in Yagba federal constituency. Communities like, Alu, Ponyan, Ejuku, Mopa, Amuro, Ogbe and Egbe town.(8 motorized boreholes). This is indeed, the dividend of democracy, because water is life.

On Agriculture; to start with, Hon Asiwaju Leke Abejide appointed a committee that produced a blueprint of agricultural development in his constituency. Therefore, the appointed committee charged with implementation monitoring.

That was Hon Leke for you. Before embarking on any projects, it must be well thought-out and exhaustively researched.

” Agriculture is the bedrock of the economic activities of our people. He has provided monetary support to the farmers, provision of sesame seeds (Gorigo) and supply of chemicals (Herbicide) for some group of farmers that embarked on sesame farming.

He has just injected over 30millon into the Constituency economy through direct purchase of gorigo from the farmers to encourage growth of small scale business

Widows across Yagba Federal constituency were given yelutide gifts to make life meaningful in this festive season, such as Rice, clothing and cash etc

More also, 62 aides were appointed across the 34 wards of his constituency, employment opportunities were opens in the federal ministry and parastatals which Hon Asiwaju Leke Abejide used his political influence to grab substantial slots for the youths in Yagba federal constituency. For instance, one person in Yagba Land has been employed in Central Bank of Nigeria through the influence of Hon Leke Abejide, three persons also has been employed in federal ministry, about thirty (30) youths are expected any moment from now to be employed in the federal ministry of interior. The whole process is in pipelines.

Leadership is not about saying or doing something; it is about having something to do.

Various donations in cash and kinds were generously done by Asiwaju Leke Abejide to various communities, groups and individuals when the needs arises.True leader respect the integrity of others.

Hon.Leke Abejide embarked on the first phase Empowerment Scheme to the good people of Yagba federal constituency. He distributed 50 granding machine, 6 motorcycle machines, 30 showering machine and 2 tricycle (keke nape) machine to the beneficiaries in his constituency.

In addition to all these, he is also working hard to provide electricity by using solar powered facility, which if completed every communities in the constituency will benefit from it.

On assumption of office as legislator representing the good people of Yagba federal constituency, Hon. Leke Abejide adopted a smart strategy. He put in place Community Development Committees (CDC) consisting of respectives leaders from each wards in his constituency. The CDCs studies and asked the people at the grassroots questions on what their priorities were in terms of allocation of the constituency projects that will have direct bearing on the masses of the 34 wards in Yagba federal constituency.

Hon Leke will use the recommendation of the CDCs to prioritize projects as per the needs of any given community.

Hon Leke Abejide is a philanthropist per excellent and a natural leader. He has demonstrated profound leadership virtues or qualities. He is someone you can rely on in terms of leadership qualities. Definitely, he has foresight, consistent and he is visionary.

Let join hands together with Hon Leke Abejide, together we can build Yagba federal constituency and make it a point of reference among the committees of other constituency in Nigeria.

God bless the liberation light of the generation Hon Asiwaju Leke Abejide.

God bless Yagba Federal Constituency.

Comrade sikiru olusegun
For Hon. Leke Abejide media Team.

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