For those familiar with proceedings in Kogi State House of Assembly since the 6th Assembly, the legislative truancy of Hon. Abdullahi Bello, the Majority Leader of the House is well known. It is rational to expect a substantial dose of decorum in the conduct of Hon. Abdullahi Bello in view of the fact that he is a ranking legislator and Principal Officer.

In my decades of practice as a journalist who has covered events in various legislative Houses within and beyond Nigeria, the travesty epitomized in the utterances and conduct of Hon. Abdullahi Bello is a sad reflection of legislative rascality that has stayed too long beyond decency. It appears the true meaning of the word ‘Honourable’ is lost on the Majority Leader as what was witnessed during plenary on Tuesday, 20th August, 2019 is not only abominable but condemnable.
It is ironic and amusing that Hon. Abdullahi Bello who as Majority Leader moved the motion to investigate the State embattled Deputy Governor, Elder Simon Achuba for alleged gross misconduct will himself brazenly exhibit such improper behavior and display such obstinate indifference to the consequences of his acts.

Kogi State House of Assembly has penalized some Honourable members for lesser indiscretions and it is worrisome that Hon. Abdullahi Bello’s impetuous inanities is being tolerated. While it is undeniable that differences in views and opinions are commonplace in any democratic setting, delinquent Bello manifestations by anyone supposedly part of Honourable persons is an aberration.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous revealed the threat by Hon. Abdullahi Bello to assault the Speaker and cause mayhem in the Assembly. Calls and messages to the Speaker to hear him on this issue got no response but some Honourable members I spoke with expressed their dissatisfaction with the unruly behavior of Hon. Abdullahi Bello and are dismayed that the House rules have not been invoked to put a stop to his excessive retrogressive exuberance.

The coming days will test the ability of the 7th Assembly to maintain decorum in its ranks, especially with the alleged threat of Hon. Abdullahi Bello to foment and foist crisis on the Assembly.

Hon. Abdullahi Bello is advised to learn from the experience of those who walked similar ignoble paths in the past. Close watchers of events in Kogi State House of Assembly opine that, the Assembly cannot afford any crisis at this time and called on security agencies to take note of the present and immediate danger the indiscretions of Hon. Abdullahi Bello constitutes to the Assembly, staff and other Honourable members while ensuring that all and every attempt by anyone or group of persons to take the Assembly back to the dark days of crisis based on greed and parochial sentiments is never allowed to come to fruition.

-Tunmishe Bamisile

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