Barrister Jaiye Ajayi Lied, I Couldn’t Have Attacked A Man With Heavy Police Escort On Election Day Says Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi

Fellow compatriots,

I would have let the deliberate media attack and attempt to malign my name to slide, given the countless appeals, counsels and genuine concerns raised by well meaning people, friends, family members and even the clergy, but the repeated calls, messages and personal visit of people who are worried by the spread of the falsehood makes it important that I react to the piece credited to Barr Jaiye Ajayi on account of the falsehood put together as alleged ordeals he claimed to have faced at the Paul Oke polling unit of Odolu ward.

Let me thank most sincerely those who have deemed it necessary to hear from me and expressed worry about the issue, I also thank those who listened to one side of the story and formed opinion without hearing from me. It’s all part of the challenge of SERVICE.

Let me state very categorically that Barr Jaiye Ajayi is an older friend and kinsman whom we have had useful past together and a person we have never had any disagreement or quarrel of any kind.
I am still at want as to what Barr Jaiye intends to achieve with the cooked up stories against me when in actual fact he knows he was not saying the truth.

Let me also say that I’m a young man who was a students leader at the same time with Barr Jaiye, I was the President of Okun Student in my school the same time he was in ABU, not Barr Jaiye nor anyone can give account of my violent disposition at any time in history, not anyone can say anywhere of my account of being a cultist at any time. When cultism, political thuggery and hooliganism was the demand for political office in 2006-2007, no any single person can mention any time I was involved, although I was a politician already.

Precisely on the 16th of November, at about 3pm when voting and counting just about to be concluded at my polling unit, I was coming from home when I saw Barr Jaiye Ajayi alongside with 4 heavily armed and stern looking policemen in the midst of voters, obviously making heated argued over what I didn’t know. Let me state here that the place in question is an area where Barr Jaiye lives for almost 2 decades now and very close with almost everyone present that day.

When I approached the place, I immediately moved straight to my older friend Barr Jaiye and asked what happened, while he was trying to explain, youth were shouting and continued their agitation, and they said the FAKE policemen Barr Jaiye came with must leave, please note that there were other policemen on ground apart from the policemen Barr Jaiye came with.
We were in this for about few minutes, typical of an election day argument but without anyone touching the other and I told Barrister to let these policemen leave in order to restore calmness, he insisted that they are his security men, at that point I told him that he should understand that as a Lawyer movement was restricted for anyone to move from his ward to another, more so coming with the unknown and unidentified policemen could be reason for the provocation and argument.

While all that was happening Barr Jaiye refused to heed my pleas, it took all the names he mentioned above for us to beg him to leave with the policemen and he grudgingly left, he left without his cloth torned, he was not assaulted as claimed, not even the angry youth touched him, let alone me, no one did anything to him apart from heated argument he had.

Let me make it very clear that

  1. I never attacked him neither did I attempt to attack him, nor did anyone at did.
  2. Barr Jaiye couldn’t have been assaulted as claimed when he was actually in the company of many policemen heavily armed and in the midst of his kinsmen, or is it possible for a man carrying 4 policemen to be attacked by 2 unarmed people?
  3. Apart from the youth shouting on top of their voices, no single person attacked or attempted to attack Barr Jaiye as claimed.
  4. I remain a younger brother and kinsman of Barr Jaiye and I cannot imagine attacking a total stranger, let alone my own elder brother.
  5. The piece written by Barr Jaiye and the intensity with which it is being shared only depict people with a premeditated intention to malign my name and present me in bad light to the unsuspecting public.

I leave the rest to God to judge .

Thank you

Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi

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