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Accountability: The Incumbent National Financial Secretary of FUT Minna Alumni Association Has Render The 2019 Stewardship Report


One Year Stewardship Report of Adeleye Johnson led Executive Committee.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, i bring you great complementaries of the yuletide season and wish all of us prosperous 2020 full of achievements and resolved accomplishments.

As you are reading this Stewardship Report, Oyo State Alumni Association is having End of The Year Diner in Ibadan.

Once again. I greet you warmly and enjoin you all to follow me as I enumerate our stewardship to you individually and collectively:

    Ladies and gentlemen, you will agree with me that identity and means of identification are the most critical aspect of any organization. So, immediately we were sworn in, we embarked on creating a means of identification for the Chapter; we consulted graphics designer, got 4 logo designs deliberated on them in the Exco and pruned the numbers down to two and brought the two to you our people to make final choice and some of us participated and eventually a logo was chosen. We proceeded to making Letterheads for effective communications.
  2. REGISTRATION WITH NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: On the 2nd of March, 2019, your chapter (95Set Chapter) sent in her Letter of Intent to officially become a Chapter of the Association. Few issues were lagged and they were immediately addressed. The approval though going through normal bureaucracy, is expected to be issued in the next National Working Committee meeting coming up early next year in Minna.
  3. 95SET COOPERATIVE: Recall that our coop was properly setup almost at the same time when this Exco was inaugurated. It is pertinent to let you all know that ours has become the bride of National Alumni; at point the National Alumni wanted an absorption of our Coop but with of assistance of some of our members here, we were able to explain to them that our coop like any coop all over is an independent venture agreed to by a group of people. Thank you Engr Olatunde, Engr Atoyebi, Engr Adesope and Mr Akinyemi to mention but a few who assisted us in this regard.
  4. FELICITATION AND CONDOLENCES: During the course of this year, we recorded the deaths of some of our colleagues. Some died here in Nigeria and two died abroad. These where low moments in the life of this Chapter. We shall continue to remember the times we shared together while in school and to some while out of school. May their gentle souls rest in peace. Amen.

Similarly, some of us lost either of their parents and condole with them too. May the souls of our departed parent(s) continue to rest in peace. Amen

To show our concerns to our fallen colleagues, members of the Chapter contributed monies to be given to their wives. Sadly these monies will soon be disbursed, why? We haven’t completed the financial handover through our bankers.
In line with the above, we must be quick to appreciate our colleagues who represented during funeral ceremonies of our members. Ladies and gentlemen, as I type, pains and sorrow of loosing some of us to death is all over me but we all must take solace in the fact that one day we will died and allow that feelings to increase our apatite to love the more and follow God the more.

  1. HOSTEL PLEDGE: Let it be on record that your 95Set Chapter is the only chapter, yes only chapter that pledged to donate (as a group) towards the proposed hostel that the National Alumni is embarking upon.

The above being said, it is sad that we have not been able to fully redeem our pledge of 1Million Nigeria Naira till date. Be sure that our inability to fully redeem this amount is not the fault of our members. The major fault lies with us the exco to a large extent: we were supposed to drive the appeal & collection, and that is what we have resolved to do henceforth, because not to make a promise is far better than making one and not fulfilling it. To this end, our Financial Secretary and yours sincerely the Chairman will drive the appeal, collection & redemption to a logical conclusion in January.
Fortunately what is left is less than 350k because the NWC will sitting Feb 2020, we must endeavour to close the payment before then.

  1. DATABASE: We promised this house that a database of all the members will be collected to propagate our economic progression. To this end, a database program was deployed but it was not smooth enough for our intention and our zeal waned. As we go into the new year, we will reawake ourselves in this wise and look for a better software that can do that for us. We intend to produce a Yellow Book as part of the derivatives of the database.
  2. BANK ACCOUNT: Keystone bank is our official banker. Till date we have not fully taken over the account. Though the last administration has officially written the bank of the existence of a new exco, withdrawal from the account has not been possible. However, to deposit money is not a problem. This exco has not made any withdrawal since our inauguration. This is the main why disbursement to affected people have not been done. All these will be perfected in the new year and announcement will be made here.
  3. HEALTH INSURANCE: We have collected intent letter and conditions of services from Three nominated brokers. We have scrutinized them but yet to decide on which platform to use. Once this is concluded we will get back to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we know that many here may want to use this stewardship report to grade us, but let me crave your indulgence not to tow this line, 2019 came with a lot of burden and challenges, we promise to do far more, reachout the more, and by God grace achievement more before we handover to the next administration.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Long live FUTMinna!
Long live FUTMAA!!
Long live 95Set!!!

Arc Adeleye A Johnson
Chairman ’95Set Chapter

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